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Silicone Collection photo
Silicone Collection

Authentec Silicone Three new Authentec Silicone patterns feature inherent ink, stain, mildew, fungal and flame resistance as well as not promoting microbial growth. These items are formulated with a new and improved, patent-pending Silicone formula which features a 4-way controlled stretch circular-knit backing making tailorability a breeze.
Tweed Shop Collection photo
Tweed Shop

Tweed Shop's colorful twist, chunky chenille and variegated yarns are woven in organic twill and basketweave constructions creating a fresh take on classic patterns. Patterns Cardigan, Plaited and Shetland, feature 46 colorways and are all protected with Alta Stain Resistance for enduring beauty and performance.
Loom & Mercer Collection photo
Loom & Mercer

This collection of wool tartan plaids and rich textures pays homage to the British heritage of quality crafted textiles. Produced in the same heritage mill weaving woolen goods for Burberry and Ralph Lauren, The Loom & Mercer by Architex collection is authentic British wool at its finest.
Believing Collection photo

The Believing Crypton Collection by Architex is inspired by varying places and spaces of communities, architectural marvels and memorials with symbolic significance. Whether inspired by a small apartment community developed in the wake of war, the floorplans of varying houses of worship or a peace memorial--every pattern and motif represents a place where humans come together and connect face to face--creating instances where the beliefs in our similarities outshine our differences. Woven in a Polyester-Acrylic blend and powered by Crypton Performance, the Believing Collection is created to be durable, cleanable and beautiful for all.
Hamptons Collection photo

A bit refined, a little established and with a big breath of relaxed, the Architex Hamptons collection brings a welcoming and hospitable feel to your next environment. Woven in contrasting matte and lustrous boucle yarns; accented with rich chenille and set against a linen-like ground, these three patterns are the ultimate in relaxed-chic! High durability and bleach cleanability mean these patterns will remain beautiful for years to come.
The James Collection photo
The James Collection

Architex introduces the James Collection, featuring sophisticated patterns with an edge of cool unpredictability. Patterns Composed, Cutting Edge, Duotone, Loose Ends, Off the Grid and Precise feature high-end wool, baby alpaca and solution-dyed nylon contents creating high durability with a luxe look and hand. Colorways range from handsome neutrals to high-octane brights allowing for classic interiors with a certain je ne sais quoi.
Origins Collection photo
Origins Collection

Architex introduces the Origins Collection; Six patterns in 23 colorways are woven in soft, rich chenille and Oeko-Tex 100 certified. Patterns Athena, Doric, Gaia, Meander, Olympus and Sequence feature classic Greek key and meander patterns as well as incorporating classic stripes and textures to coordinate.
New West Collection photo
New West Collection

Architex introduces the New West Collection featuring traditional patterns in a non-traditional palette. Three patterns: Badlands, Mount McKinley and Timberline are woven in soft chenille creating serape-inspired stripes and coordinating herringbone patterns. Five color coordinated groups count up to 22 beautiful colorways all featuring high durability and Oeko-Tex 100 certification.
Central Park | Gramercy photo
Central Park | Gramercy Collection

Seven new LJH patterns build upon the success of classic textures and the prior LJH Gramercy Collection. Time-honored constructions are featured such as twill, dobby and houndstooth and are woven in texturized polyester and polypropylene fibers creating beautiful faux wool fabrics. All patterns feature high durability exceeding 100,000 double rubs. Include these with a moderately priced wool felt, Draper, and you have classic NY penthouse aesthetic with micro-loft cost.
Ultra Series photo
Ultra Series

No Stain, No Pain-- and that's Guaranteed!
Ultrachevron, Ultraflannel and Ultraluscious join the ranks of the groundbreaking Ultraposh fabric by Architex. These luxurious plush-suede fabrics utilize a propriety and inherently stain-resistant fiber that resists nearly any spill, stain or smudge resisting not only ink and marker but ketchup, wine, lipstick, chocolate--you name it! The Ultra Series can go almost anywhere and can be used in upholstery, cruise ship and panel applications.