Architex International
3333 Commercial Avenue
Northbrook, IL 60062   USA

Voice: 800-621-0827
Fax: 847-205-1510

Office hours:
Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:45 PM Central time

   Sales Representatives - United States
Arizona, New Mexico Rosana Colon 305-924-8099 Email Rosana
Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi, Memphis & Nashville (TN) Lee Hofmann 321-626-8151 Email Lee
Atlanta, N & S Carolina, TN (except Memphis & Nashville), AL, GA Rich Marino 770-698-8260 Email Rich
Atlanta, N & S Carolina, TN (except Memphis & Nashville), AL, GA Jeff Marino 770-698-8260 Email Jeff
Austin, San Antonio, Southern and Central TX
Boston & Cambridge MA; Central & Northern CT Garrett Gordon 847-909-7540 Email Garrett
Chicago Richard Atlas 312-804-8585 Email Richard
Cleveland, All Ohio (except Cinicinnati) Jackie Kubilus 330-701-4894 Email Jackie
Dallas, Texas and Oklahoma Chuck Hogan 817-751-4037 Email Chuck
Delaware Jason Levy 856-904-1305 Email Jason
Denver, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming Michael Ferreira 720-272-1695 Email Michael
Detroit: Michigan and All MI Lyman Burgess 248-202-3675 Email Lyman
Florida North & Central. Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa & Panhandle. Mobile, AL Chuck Hofmann 321-693-7099 Email Chuck
Florida South, Southwest Florida Pam Onori 954-701-1088 Email Pam
Houston & Galveston Lindsay Kunst 847-271-1328 Email Lindsay
Indiana, Kentucky and Cincinnati Kelli Detty 317-752-2324 Email Kelli
Las Vegas Rosana Colon 305-924-8099 Email Rosana
Los Angeles Raymond Duprey 617-325-3995 Email Ray
MA Excluding Boston & Cambridge, VT, NH, ME and RI David Epstein 617-852-1040 Email David
New England - Higher Education Garrett Gordon 847-909-7540 Email Garrett
MN, IA, ND, SD, MT Wendy Reid 952-933-1332 Email Wendy
MO, Southern IL, NE, Most of Kansas Suzan Sutcu 314-398-0072 Email Suzan
New Jersey South Jason Levy 856-904-1305 Email Jason
New York State except NYC Gloria Bieber 412-364-5558 Email Gloria
Northern New Jersey & Select New York City Michelle Petriello 908-307-1267 Email Michelle
NYC, Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Southern NY State, CT/Fairfield County Kelly Thompson 516-428-9602 Email Kelly
Philadelphia & Eastern PA Jason Levy 856-904-1305 Email Jason
Pittsburgh, Western PA, Western NY, West Virginia Gloria Bieber 412-364-5558 Email Gloria
Puerto Rico and Caribbean Islands Dolly Zeligman   Email Dolly
Sacramento, Reno, Central Valley, Central Coast Lynn Bankhead 530-755-7261 Email Lynn
San Diego & Orange County Elizabeth Tsinzo 310-721-5627 Email Elizabeth
San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Area, Hawaii, Guam & Pacific Islands Linzie Connally 800-621-0827 Email Linzie
Washington DC & Maryland Mark Hill 240-638-6721 Email Mark
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska Stephanie Deshaies 206-383-7215 Email Stephanie
Virginia Mary Neal King 757-621-4323 Email Mary Neal
Wichita and Topeka Dennis Mrowka 816-520-1049 Email Dennis
   Sales Representatives - Canada
Ontario Meghan Smith 416-459-2610 Email Meghan
Vancouver Maureen Kehoe 604-244-9419 Email Maureen
Quebec Louise Coté 514-996-0204 Email Louise
Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Graham Steeves, GBS Ltd. 416-948-6987 Email Graham
President Keith Gordon 800-621-0827 Email Keith Gordon
Marketing Services Director Lauren Williams 800-621-0827 Email Lauren Williams
Sales Director Robert Korn 800-621-0827 Email Robert Korn